Thursday, September 13, 2012

In honor of Chris Stevens, Ambassador to Libya

In an era where opportunistic politicians, manipulative religious leaders and angry, ignorant Americans choose war over peace in the world, the Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens stood humbly above the rest, in life and in death. Ambassadors are some of our the world's greatest champions, as they put themselves in harms way- to attempt the nearly impossible job- of trying to convince even the most dangerous and stubborn nations and leaders of the world, to pursue a path of peace and diplomacy among each other.....even when the actions of a misguided group of foolish, worthless monsters are willing to kill you for it. It is time we honor the diplomats of our society and acknowledge the many conflicts that have been avoided because of their selfless sacrifice to humanity as a whole. With great tragedies, such as the recent attacks on our embassies, we are given a unique opportunity to show not only the world, but to ourselves, that we have evolved enough as a species, to rise above our anger and fear - so that we may see beyond the pit of revenge and violence - to a place where forgiveness and humanity are the only Divine and the high road never ceases to yield to it's purpose. Thank you for your service, Chris Stevens, you are an inspiration to creating a world where a man of character, integrity and peace not only stands above a man of power, deception and death, but does so without that man feeling the weight of your boot. You will be missed most by those closest to you, and never forgotten by those who cared to understand your closeness to humanity.

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