Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Old Man and the Ribs

There I was there drinking a beer by myself as usual.
This old ,old, old man slowly walked over to the bar.
He took off his cowboy hat, his skin was so white, like parchment-
And looked over the menu for like an hour slowly drinking a whiskey water.
I never took my eyes off him.
His skin was stretched over his old brittle bones-
He must have been 140 years old.
Eventually he ordered a very specific meal from the menu.
Barbecue ribs were placed in front of him-
And I watched intently as he devoured the entire rack, small bite by small bite.
Snapped every bone clean of meat-
With his tiny, efficient teeth.
But during the middle of the meal, he must have noticed me watching him-
Yet I couldn't take my gaze off of him
So the last two bones, we just stared at each other as he slowly finished his ribs-
And I could only think that he was eating human bones-
And regenerating his life.
I think he gave me a slow smile while eating the last bone-
And licked his lips.

Friday, December 4, 2009

What is more "American": Mexicans or Entitlement?

Let all of the Mexicans into America. They deserve a shot at the dream the same way that we Europeans got when we came in and wiped out the Native Americans. However, they, the Mexican people, don't come in brandishing a Smith and Wesson, but rather a shovel and a determination to earn their freedom from bleak economic circumstance. They represent the antithesis of entitlement, that ugly little "talent" that has begun to fill our universities in record numbers with soldiers of inherited fortunes being consigned to colleges that continue to graduate these soldiers because they had the money to buy their degree and in turn buy their treadmill career as an unoriginal cog in the machine of corporate ubiquity where economic dominance is the reward.

These entitled soldiers of inherited fortune earned their degree by socializing, drinking and passing classes in their free time. Earning their degree in the purest form- through learning- is no longer necessary for the 21st century post high school education. So long as the "students" have an IQ over 100 and a drive that compels them towards escaping failure (ie getting a passing grade), they will continue to "succeed" and get their degree of white-collar entitlement enabling them to buy wealth at the cost of human currency, or just end up with $50,000+ in debt.

For those without degrees, those complaining about the Mexicans taking their blue collar jobs- pick up the pace, and do it better than they do- work harder- or would you rather create some sort of white trash affirmative action group to save your place in line amongst the rest of the lazy union-entitled scabs who claim their ability to speak English makes them worth a damn.
We need to realize that America shouldn't be a place that blocks itself off from the rest of the world in order to save our lowest common denominator from being unemployed. America is an idea that represents opportunity to all that want it bad enough- not just opportunity for those lucky enough to have been born on its soil. We made America great in the past by embracing those bold enough to charge into the country and work it for all its worth thus creating value for all.

The term "brain drain" was exemplified by the best and the brightest wanting to exodus from their own country's homeland for a better opportunity. This was a good thing for America in the past, but have now become frightened and are shutting our doors in the name of security to live in a place where many great minds flee back to their native countries while lesser minds flourish in a police state corralling the trash whose idea of a job is pumping out kids to inflate their welfare checks and patronize a disgusting existence.

Why does this work? Because we continue to nurture the "talent" of entitlement which knows no bounds in America- from the highest skyscraper to the lowest trailer park, this entitlement continues to charade as patriotism while poisoning our integrity and alienating foreign relations.

Its time to open the doors again America, put down our weapons and let us reflect who we were once proud to be. Let us see the greatness of America through the eyes of a Mexican, a Korean, an Iraqi, a Russian or the many others that came to this country for the pursuit of happiness, the real dream, not this withering flower of nepotism, entitlement and complacency.