Sunday, March 18, 2012

The 12 Things...The way I see it

But Saint Paddy is here, to feed me my beer.
Let us finish your frisky and stein.

We have plenty of energy, for us all to use it.
Yet we fight it and rule it, like addicts we booze it.
Playing it to win it, so others will lose it.
Enabling the masters who know how to rou$e it.
Lost and confused, they'll forever abuse it.
The solution is ours, if only you'd choose it.

The rhyming is bad. But not worth being sad. For the nursery is mine. Yet another silly line.

Oh once, once again, I find myself in, a fantasy of glitter and gold.
Yes a dunce that does grin, with spite and chagrin, perhaps bitter, but also so bold.

The 12 Things....The wAy I see it
1. Seeking the truth is worth more than catching the lie.
2. Youth's naivety is the cure for the "elderly's" fear.
3. Advertiser's make us look like fools.
4. The message justifies the means.
5. Run with others.
6. Freedom of speech is a privilege we must learn, not a right to exploit.
7. The power of only is weaker than the power of many.
8. Imagination is what we all want. Following it is what we truly need.
9. Losing is a noble art. Winning is a noble a show.
10. The Earth is blind to our differences; Money is blind to our Similarities.
11. Weakness takes pain to show itself.
12. The only difference between a confidence man and multimillionaire, is time.
13. A title is a slave to expectation.
14. Generosity values time. Greed values money. People are the exchange rate.

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