Sunday, September 16, 2012

Plan it or Exit?

Dear Human,

We have a special gift, and ask that you use it.
It wasn't an accident, when we chose to diffuse it.

But instead we're still stuck, by addicts who booze it.
Sucking our blood, they bust it and bruise it.

A needle screwed in, you couldn't refuse it.
Your master of markets, now demands you abuse it.

Broke and afraid, they expect you'll excuse it.
Those greedy enough, earn profits to misuse it.

But a stolen win early, means your future may lose it.
It is time to wake up, for you're due to accuse it.

The needle grows dirty, your freedom unscrews it.
The time has now come, but only if you choose it.

Urgently yours,

Renewable Energy

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