Monday, December 23, 2013

How to become a Viral Offending Pro in 2014

Looking for a new job? Exploit or create a victim that was offended by strangers on the internet or TV. Here are 5 steps on how to employ yourself as a "VIRAL OFFENDING PRO" in 2014:

Step 1: Find a phrase or quote from someone on the internet or TV that was deemed offensive by someone. It doesn't have to necessarily offend YOU, but someone or some group. TIP: Start with Liberal social media sites/blogs or Conservative Christian websites/gun advocate fan pages. Lots of content there.

Step 2: Copy said offensive quote then paste/share the quote or link on your own "news" blog, social media page, website and message/email it to all of your friends, followers, etc. The key is to get as many people to read this offensive quote as possible. Also, make sure to add your own opinion as to why this quote is offensive and/or why someone should be highly offended by it.

Step 3: Watch the number of offended people grow. It WILL happen. You just have to have faith that you've found an offensive enough quote, statement and/or article and that you've done a successful job of spreading it.

Step 4: Show potential advertisers how many followers, visitors or fans you're accumulating on your blog, website or social media page and convince them they should show their ads on your respective site(s).

Step 5: Collect money from said advertisers. Congratulations, you're now making a passive income by exploiting and/or creating victims that had no idea they should be upset until they were informed by you, they ought to be.

WARNING: If you are too successful, you may be hired by a major media organization to do this full time, although you're title will likely change from Viral Offending Pro to Pop Culture Reporter.

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