Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Sustainable Society Fears Nothing

In the battle of Good vs. Evil, fear is the only enemy, Judgement is the only weapon and Suffering is the inevitable consequence. 

Any individual is capable of understanding this, but can only fully embrace it once having fully committed to pure empathy for the circumstantial plight of their fellow society. 

If we stopped fearing what we don't understand, we may no longer be burdened by the instinct to insecurely judge that what we do not.  Perhaps then our aggression could subside and finally suffering would become just another human lie, that we no longer had to accept as a truth of the human condition.  

Evil is the only lie that stops us from properly fulfilling our responsibility as humans at the top of Earth's food chain. There is no evil in a sustainable society, because fear can only thrive when destruction is considered an option.  A truly sustainable society is one where Humans bear only the responsibility to help nature Create and allow Nature alone, to determine that what is Destroyed.  

If god created Man in his own image, he wouldn't have allowed us to fear him. Rather it seems that Man created God in his own image due to fear of his own mortality and our Environment is paying the price.

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