Monday, March 15, 2010

15 Reasons Why Las Vegas reflects the American Way

15. It supports the philosophy that the more money you spend, the better you are treated
14. It provides a catchy slogan that justifies infidelity
13. It's real estate economy is driven by gambling
12. A modern wonder of the world, the Hoover Dam, providing electricity to be squandered in the name of free enterprise
11. It is a place where being someone you are not is encouraged
10. It made stamped concrete the new marble and is accepted as such
9. In Las Vegas, those engaging in the same risky behavior over and over again with similar results are considered bold, not insane
8. It teaches you that if something is newer and bigger, its worth at least 2 hours of your time to wait in line for it
7. It's founding was financed by criminal activity
6. Blacking out there usually inspires bonding amongst strangers, who in turn remain strangers the next day
5. Like a carnival game, your consolation for spending money is usually tickets redeemable for something you never would've have paid for otherwise
4. The theme of the City is generally a facade that people aspire towards
3. It set up shop in a desert that runs enough fresh water through it to make the 3rd world drool
2. Celebrity chefs are as common as the tastes that they cater to
1. Like the diamond industry, Las Vegas has convinced millions of people to spend two months salary where odds are over 50% that you will lose

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